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Kedar Sails

Professional advice in choosing and maintaining the sail, full service and excellent repair services.

Sails made to order for all boats and classes

One design
Distributing of sails for all boat types cruising in Israel from the popular optimist model trough the competitive models, to yachts.
Our sails have won many competitions in Israel and achieved many successes abroad.

Outdoor and interior design by sails

Lately we’ve entered the field of design, which led to many and various projects in shading solutions as well as designing ceilings and inner spaces.
The “sails” are being made with the inspiration of the “real thing” and the use of the same materials, thus creating a light and free atmosphere which can transform any space into a design experience.
Windsurfing sails
Sails repair
We stock most wovens and laminats.
Repair service for all sail types.

* Sailboats, catamarans, and sailing yachts.
* Windsurfing sails with all its various types of cloth, monofilm and advanced materials.
* Covers, spray hoods biminis etc.
* Wings and helms for Ultra Light planes and hang gliders.
* Kite surf.

contender sail cloth

Golan: 052-3412067
E-mail: info@kedarsails.co.il

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